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Microsoft Clarity, What and How to Use Tool

Microsoft Clarity, What and How to Use Tool


Microsoft Clarity, What and How to Use Tool

How to use Microsoft Clarity?  First of all, just like Google Analytics is free so is Microsoft Clarity. So the results are interesting to compare the two sites and  compare the results.  It’s pretty cool to have the data in front of you while your making changes to your website based on results.

So, stop guessing and start understanding how and the users are interacting with the website. And what the results are with your website. So you can see what your customer really wants and you can deliver.

What is Clarity?

Building a user-friendly website is difficult. How to know if your intuition is correct? There are a lot of tools for testing like A/ B testing and guesswork but still your not sure. So we would give the test of time and tweak the websites where it’s needed.

Data-Driven Results 

Get the data needed to optimize your website to deliver an even better user experience. Get live action to see if the page is working as it was designed. Or is there confusion with a disconnect from providing what the user is looking for? 

Anonymized Session Replays

See exactly the user’s engagement, with intent with your site, and learn how to improve to attract and convert users into customers.

Detail Heat Analysis

Once you find the website hot spots it’s important to put a call to action or where your new services or products in or near to that spot. 

Remove or Change, That is the question.

Great for A/B testing clearly see if the button changes with the heat testing and A/B testing seems to be more interesting to the user. Change the content or color changes to get more engagement. 

Where Can I use Clarity? 

  • Test the website for user behavior and use the information to optimize pages 

  • Get clear information about what the user’s needs and the elements on-page that deliver the promise from the keyword search. 

  • Study and scrutinize the user clicks requirements.

  • Understand the confusion on the website and bounce rates. 

  • Enable client’s websites and make the user experience favorable for conversions.

Clarity Insights

Insights to decades of experience from Machine Learning and Data Science that identify patterns and key trends of your website activity. Through patterns of heatmaps and recordings providing accurate analytics.


How to get Clarity? 

Go to and sign up and install the Pixel (JavaScript code ) on the website you want to track. Once installed you can start monitoring your website in a couple of hours. 


What would happen if your website could see results with clarity sessions replays of how individuals interact with your website? Pretty cool right!

Website Session Recordings

Soon to come, Sessions will record where your user is on your website and where how they stay or jump around your website. 

Website Heatmaps

The hotspots will reveal where your user is clicking on your reports. Color-coded set like the heat-sensitive camera to see the hot spots. 

Hot spots are red and as they get older will be yellow and even fewer clicks get the blue-purple colors. You will be able to get a global view of where they click and where they don’t. The goal here is to change the data to get more A/B testing information for comparing. Like the visions of website desktop view to the mobile devices to see where the hot spots are and are not. 

Microsoft Clarity and Bing Reporting Cost

They are both Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics Google Maps are free to use. Great SEO service by the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They are similar but different at the same time. There are other tools you can use, but many have a charge. Like HotJar and CrazyEgg.

Similar Heatsink Competition Tools 

HotJar, Check out their Free Version with just a login to their site. Watch the video to get started. 

Learn how to set up your dashboard in hot jat and store your heatmaps and store up to 3 in the basic plan. Unlimited in the higher plans. 

Snapshots Basic up to 1,000, Plus plan is 2,000 and Business plan is 10,000

Check out the Free Version too. 

Crazy Egg you have to enter a code for each page you want to track, and mobile is at an additional charge.  Cost is

Basic page views 30,000 and  Recordings up to 100 recording a month.

Standard page vides 75,000 and Recordings up to 500 recording a month.

You can get a free 30-day trial.

What are UX and UI Design?

What are UX and UI Design?

What are UX and UI Design?

How do designers develop user experience? 

Putting the User Experience First in Design with Empathy is essential. Answer the question or solve the problem as quickly as possible!

what are UX and UI Design?

Know What Your Customer Wants

We begin to look at what the consumer wants and needs from that product or service. Face to face questionnaire, online surveys, Observing customers or potential users build personas.

Test the journey and maximize the flow to solve the problems with wireframes and prototypes to test and integrated until the final prototype is ready.  

Users Goals + Business Goals

UX looks at both the user in the flow process to the consumer’s goal. And the best for the business as a whole. Assuring, both parties enjoy the process of obtaining the designer’s plan.  

Do you know the difference between UX and UI design? 

The UI Journey Process

Unlike the UX, the UI works on the visual. The flow of the information presented. How does the user interact with the interface?

UX design requires empathy and is essential. Skills in Problem solving and need to be creative and analytical too. 

UX Designer’s Journey

To save a problem with the interaction of a product or service. Design that shapes the individual experience. How easy was it to use the product or service? 

Is like the user’s experience. The shopping cart was comfortable and did not take much time to get through the process.

The main difference between UX and UI:

  • UI = Presentation of look and Feel of product. (visual communication and graphic design)
  • UX- functionality and useful.
  • UI= is making products beautiful and interactive.
  • UX= assures the user can open a website or app and quickly do what they want to do. 
  • UI wants to make an emotional link to the user. 


What is UX Experience?

 UX = How a product or service makes you feel. Understanding the user, Mapping out a journey, Optimal Enduring functionality. The Desire to leave a Good/Feeling experience with the product or service.

Suppose the user finds a clunky or a hard time to accomplish their goal to get through the payment process. That is a terrible user experience. But, if the process is quick and easy. That’s a good UX experience.

 The UI concentrates on functionality, the visual, Interactive experience. 

Like is it easy to understand the flow process interaction with each other? What happens when they tap this image or the buttons. 

 The main difference between UX and UI:

  •  UI = Presentation of look and Feel of product. (visual communication and graphic design)
  • UX- functionality and useful.
  • UI= is making products beautiful and interactive.
  • UX= assures the user can open a website or app and quickly do what they want to do. 
  • UI wants to make an emotional link to the user. 

UI DWebsite Designer esigners Using the design Flow, Branding, and Style

UI Designers make every screen and button. Watch the flow, looking for possible challenging points the user experiences. Designers will establish a style guide. 

The layout of each screen and consider the spacing between every element. Design buttons scroll bars and slides with a cohesive page layout. With color slides and typography, Design mockup, and product types to examine the webpages’ cohesiveness for an easy flow process. 

UX and UI Project Management

In the end, the UX designer gives the UI the bare bones and turns it over to the UI designer to make the product aesthetically pleasing and interactively seamless flow.

Often the UX and the UI are the same creative person. But on a larger scale business, the design jobs will be given to two employees who can work very closely.

But they must work as efficiently as possible to deliver an awesome experience. Ultimately create an amazing design that is seamless and converts users into customers. 

  Is your Website User-Friendly Website and Mobile Ready?

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