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Website Design and Development

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Web Designer will build you a site but usually is not seen if it’s not on Google’s first page. However, a Digital company will optimize the pages to market to your targeted customers.

SEO Website Designer

It’s best to start with fresh code and develop your site from the ground up with optimized images and content. Current articles that engage the customers into sharing with their friends and family.

Website Cost

To get a quick answer an average of a business website cost. Here is an article to answer the question. But if you’re wanting to know how much a custom website is, it’s easy. Just call for a quote, because we need to know more about you and your business. Because no 2 businesses are alike.

Web Designer AND DEVELOPENT SEO Services Agency for Online Marketing services


Web Designer + Search Engine Optimization + Great Customer Service Reviews = Customer Magnet


Authority Website

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Hey Google!

Voice Search is the next big thing. This function allows the user to do a voice search on desktop and other mobile devices—computers, Tablets, Notebooks. etc.

By saying “Hey Google,” Other search devices are Amazon Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, Google Home, Siri.  Google searches, offering valuable information to the searcher from websites all over the internet.

Become an Authority Site. 

Optimize the website to attract targeted customers through SEO- Search Engine Optimization. Website content that constantly evolving and developing your website to educate and engage your audience to become an authority site over time originally.

Website Analytics

Test your website, and continue to optimize and build your website. A great website is constantly evolving and improving by testing and implementing your SEO strategy team’s strategy.

Website Designer

Engaging readers with knowledge about their experience with your company. Sharing their reviews with google or social media will also enhance your website traffic that converts the looker into a customer.

 Hire a Digital Marketing Company to build a keyword optimized website!


First Page Results:

✓ Google Paid ADS (non-organic)

✓ Google Maps 3 Pack 

✓ Organic Rankings from Website 

Brand Design & Strategy

Your products, services and benefits that belong solely to you.

Focus on the qualities and benefits that make your company unique. What makes you stand out from the crowd.

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What makes your company unique?

You have to a deep dive into what you offer, that no one else offers. Really focus on the benefits you want your customers to know about you and why they should come back again and again.

Who is your target audience?

That is the first step. Who is your ideal customer and what do they want? You sell cars, who is your best customer?

Why should I buy from you?

Think about how you provide value that improved the customers lives. Give them the reason to choose your brand over others. Develope the benefits  to make buying easier for them to buy from you. (like offer financing, Warranties, etc same day service.)

We have the best employees for we are more authentic and transparent customer service.

Have a better way to support productivity. Streamline the ordering and payment process.

  • Reducing cost with a more affordable option
  • Save time on daily task.

Social Media Management

Know your audience and then it’s easy to send a branded message. Use the business voice you have chosen. Message is associated to your brand tone and authority.  


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Social Media Management- is in the brand message. Of who you are, What you offer. and Why people should buy from you!

This is your opportunity to communicate with a human, making direct emotional connections with your customers.

Make message simple and very clear.  Your message has to include what your service or product does and why its important to them.

Represent all your main services or product on a website page. Presenting them that way shows Google the main services or product categories you offer.

Search Engine Optimization

Knowing your customer and optimizing your company’s benefits has to offer will set you apart from the crowd. Optimizing the website pages to attract the targeted customer.

Engage the customer to pick up the phone and call or send an email. A well-trained staff that is at the top of the game is priceless.

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SEO is the juice of getting Google, Bing, and Yahoo to notice you’re different from other businesses.

Google wants to see a strong brand that has great business practices and Great customer service. Businesses that retain the customer coming back to your website and Social media spread the word to others.

How to become an Authority Site?

Becoming an authority site takes time organically, but it’s the best way to secure your company’s future. It’s the only way to retain your customer’s loyalty.

Grow your site naturally.

Educate the customer of your services and or products. Tell them what the service is and why they need it.

Educate your Customer

Telling the customer the service’s benefits, and comparing them to others will help them see your product or service is the best choice. Then they will be ready to buy from you. Because you answered all their questions and have trust in you and your services.

Copywriting & Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy that represents a Content Marketing Strategy represents a clear message to the customer.

Google will not doubt that your business is what you say it is. Infusing your website with your great values and benefits that get your company noticed.

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Convert the looker into a buyer.

Informing the customer of all the benefits and services. So it’s clear when they see your services and, while comparing them to other competitors, will help them see your product or service is the best choice.

Then they will be ready to buy from you. Because you answered all their questions and have trust in you and your services. 


Workshops & Training

Staff customer service with a transparent attitude to educate the consumer on the products and services is vital to business success.

A well-trained staff that is at the top of the game is priceless.

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Digital Max has the tools to help you with the training of staff and know what they are saying to the customers for future training opportunities.

Website Design & Development

Web Design for mobile-friendly customers. Google is penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly. 

Are you Ready?

The website designer will get the max out of your business with a mobile responsive website. Optimize the web pages to drive the traffic to your website. Engage the customer in calling your business or dropping by your business. Develop a Brand that attracts the targeted customer.

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Google will not offer your site to anyone doing mobile searches. Intern, your site will be pushed down below the others that are mobile responsive.

That 50% of searches are from a mobile phone. So call us today so we can update or rebuild your company website.

Per Google: “According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. But we don’t know whether the number is 51 percent or 60 percent or varies significantly by country.

If your not on Google’s first page.

Your hiding from your targeted customers.

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