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About Us

Our about us story began in 1999.

The Family business “Ballard Computer” is the neighborhood computer repair and data recovery place. All the computers were repaired on-site or in the computer lab.  

All digital marketing was done in-house and with constant testing, learning, and implementing SEO concepts. With no help from Google, except the best practice guide. SEO Marketing Consultant

Soon was ranking among the top of Google’s businesses for computer repair. Computer Business scored in Google rankings and we got to know our neighborhood answering computer questions and they wanted to know more about us.  

Everything was going for the clients and neighborhood until the Depression of 2007. Causing many businesses to close and many employees were out of work. Clients were seeking help and asked about us and how our website was  always on the first page? 

We explained to them Digital Marketing is process of great content, testing and implementing as your website grows and watching the competition to see what they are doing to rank high. 

We started to get to work on their marketing for many local businesses and very soon you saw the change in the rankings and the phones started to ring. 

Soon clients were calling us to thank us for the marketing help. Because, they were now able to call back employees that they had to previously lay off, and the employees were so happy too. 

We wanted to keep our community growing and it just feels good to help others. From all this excitement “Digital Max Agency” was born and we are committed to helping you too. 

About us Digital Max Marketing Services

Our Values

At Digital Max Agency, our mission to put as many people to work as possible.

Does not matter if it’s a product or services websites that convert lookers into customers. 

First-page placement is:

Showing the best business practices in marketing for Google’s favorable position’s.

On the first page of your targeted audience. “Perfect Customer” 

Driving Traffic = Growing Your Business

Digital Max Agency uses the internet to drive converting traffic to your website. Using advanced marketing strategies.


We grow websites “organically,” which is the natural progression of your site ranking to the first page. As Google gains your trust and like your customers gain your trust and your business grows naturally into an authority site in their niche.

A website that grows with your business. Is natural progression to show customers what is happening with your business.


We believe in education in marketing shows we are the authority in our niche. There are a lot of businesses that need help and don’t have the time to try to market their own business.

If you don’t enjoy marketing your company. Hire us to take care of sending the targeting customers that are already looking for your product or services. “So you can get back to taking care of running your own business”.

Keeping a steady growth of your website will show Google that you are real. You’re a brand that needs to be rewarded for good customer service and good business practices.

That’s what got your clients and good business is what is going to keep your customers coming back. 

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