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Digital Competitive Analysis

Eye Opening Comparison Analysis of

The Top Ranking Competitors  


Digital Competitive Analysis

Using the digital competitive analysis, we look at your niche competitors and find out why they are in the search engines’ top positions. All of this insight information will show us what your business needs to do to beat your competition.

From the Digital Competitive Analysis comparison, we can plan

  • Competitive intelligence to benchmark your traffic and engagement across all the digital channels.
  • Reveal new strategies based on working best for your competition marketing strategies to grow your market share.
  • Optimize the ROI by allocating marketing resources to understand competitors’ digital activities compared to your own traffic share.

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Digital Competitor Analysis

In 2021 Learn what your competitors are doing and outperform them online. 

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are getting more leads and calls and wonder how? In this digital age, it’s probably because of their online presence. Several factors go into your website to reach the top of the search engines. One simple but huge element can be having a faster website that triumphs over the competition, resulting in your higher rankings over the competitors. 

How does your website stack up against the competition? If you’re interested in finding out what your competition is doing to receive higher rankings. Digital Max’s digital competitive analysis is the first significant step to finding out why. 

You will get a summary of your website’s digital competitive presence on the Web. That’s when you can decide if your company will benefit from a full competitive analysis report, Fill out the form below. 

We will then access your website and give you an understandable evaluation of how your online presence compares to other competitive websites or recommend a full, customized analysis that identifies your weaknesses, digital strengths, opportunities, and threats. 

You will gain valuable instant access to why and how other competitors outperform, and we will offer some pointers that will help you improve your online presence. 

Let’s Start A Project that Secures your Business Future. 

No Contacts, Just Results.

Where Advertising turns into profit


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What’s in the Custom Online Competitor Analysis?

Custom Digital strategy audit packages are not one size fits all package. No two businesses are the same, your business is unique, and we take every industry on a case by case customized approach. The competitive snapshot analysis will skim the surface of your competitors reasons for high rankings. Custom competitive Digital analysis differentiates by the goal of the audit but includes examining:

  • Website Mobile-friendliness
  • Content quality
  • Content length
  • Website indexing visibility
  • Website speed
  • Website security
  • Customers Reviews
  • Website search visibility

Quality of Backlinks

User experience ( UX), issues (broken links)

Market Demand (search volume)

Google My Business profile if Local Business

What Competitor Analysis Tools Do You Use?

It’s essential to have many competitive analysis tools. It’s important to have analysis tools that can give insights, compare how competitive the marketplace is, and start a strategy to gain and prevail in the market. 

Some of our most essential tools:

Google Keyword Planner






Google Search Console


Google My Business Profile


Google Page Speed Insights


And many more



Some Digital Channels



Social Media

Web Development



Google Map Marketing

Local SEO Services


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