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Google Voice Marketing

Voice search ” Hey Google” local searches help neighbors find your businesses.

Is Google Voice Assistance (VUI) Improving our Lives?

VUI Science and Technology

In short Yes, VUI is here to stay the (VUI) Voice User Interface, this ever-growing technology is on inventors’ minds in infusing them with VCI.  Innovation shapes our future; developers are trying to keep up with the competition by adding speech technology to everyday devices.

Everyone is interested in the newest technology and consumers to want to update to the latest technology. Not just with computers and phones, voice interactions with ordinary households.

Google Voice Assistance Marketing AI 

Artificial intelligence is coming more commonplace. Voice assistant is like an assistant with a library of information at her fingertips.

Google voice marketing is on the rise, for a few years now. With google voice search, the user is more engaged than ever, searching for the answers to their questions.

  • Google Assistant is now available on more than 400 Million devices Per Google.

  • Amazon and Google Account for 94% of all smart speakers in sue Per Strategy Analytics

  • Smart Home and Digital Assistance winning the battle.

    Consumers Choice in an intelligent home.

Google Assistance is pulling together the internet in the palm of your hand.  With voice queries that answer your question immediately. Some other search devices are: Google Home, Amazons Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Seri

Hey Google, where’s my order? Track it with your Assistant

Mind-blowing, Right! That’s great for your business, with thousands of searches come back with suggestions to complete the inquiry.  Local businesses will get a call, will it be your company?

Now, the customer is looking at your business on the phone. See’s your website description and what is next on their mind. “Who has the best service, product, and customer service?

How do you get to be on the first page of google?

With an optimized website that sets you apart from the other businesses. With an Optimized Website that attracts your perfect customer. So your business shows up with the google searches.

Now the google organic website ranking on Google’s first-page placement does not cost you any money. Except for the cost of the website and optimization (SEO), but there is no paid advertisement like (PPC). So you can see why the first-page placements.

Businesses are assisted with VUI in Call centers to free up live agents, take in eCommerce orders over the phone. UVI grants our fast-paced world with convenience. One valuable benefit “Time” saved by VUI.

Voice Assistants = More Web Traffic

Now it is more important than ever to optimize your website so Google can present the very best in your business to your community.  Not to be surprised at the brand awareness with the answers.

Telling the website answer and directing them to your website for more information. The buyer is usually with very high intent for your services or products. That’s organic website searches at it’s best.

 Brands have to think of the customer experience. That is Googles #1. Brands that have great content will stand out—Voice content is pushing the Marketer to write better content and better stories.

—diving more variety and diversity in the marketing of websites, blogs, and stories.

Marketers now have to go the extra mile to revise their communication production process to deliver like never before over a broad range of channels.

Just make the best possible content like never before. The AI of Google can read and process the content faster so they can offer it more quickly.

Future Google Voice Assistants.

The new voice assistants are already improving.  Once Google or Alexa have learned your voice, just asking Google or Alexa, ” What’s on my calendar today” or “How does my day look like” 

Google will call you by your name or nickname you named your device. You will get information about your area weather, news, and even play music on different stations like Google Play, Netflix, Spotify.

Security will be the Focus.

The future will be growing at a fast pace to get their devices to be blue tooth and use voice speech. For better or worse, technology is going to include voice assistants where ever possible. So security is on the mind of voice assistant users.

Google Voice Marketing Control

The competition to control the user’s experience is fierce. The future holds a promise of shifting the cooperation to new markets that benefit the user. The development of UVI will continue to grow giving more security, and ease of use for the user-oriented experience. 

Google Voice Marketing
  • Visit site of a Local Business After Making Voice Search 27% 27%
  • People Who Own Voice Activated Speaker Say it Feels Like Your Talking To A Friend 41% 41%
  • Smart Speaker Users Perform Local Searches At least Once Weekly 76% 76%
  • All Searches will be Voice Searches by 2020 50% 50%
  • Voice Searches will Be Done Without a Screen by 2020 30% 30%


But how to get your business information to Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

Google my business is a great place to start. Build a website then optimize all the pages. That is where we come into play.

Digital Max is your go-to partner for all the Digital information to be created, optimized and maintained.

The advanced marketers will know the content has to be conversational. Now that we are now talking to an advanced computer with an advanced algorithm.

The algorithm is for a rating or the relevance to the search term on your web page:

  • Determining the ideal content relevance, Keyword distribution, and usage.
  • How many times on the website and how it’s used in a sentence.
  • Meta Tags and how to use them on your website.
  • Proper Usage of Header Tags.
  • Optimizing content already on the website.

 Algorithm Are Overwhelming

Yes, it can be overwhelming if you’re not into search content and writing. If you are, you’re in luck. Google algorithm is a massive collection of algorithms as well as formulas.

They all have different functions and together they rate our world and serve it up on google search.

  • The algorithm, called Panda (has constructed upon countless other algorithms) that judges or rates the content, filters, penalizing and rewarding content.
  • The Penguin algorithm that also judges links as well as spam characteristics.
  • Algorithm for task-specific characteristics.
  • Organizing Algorithms
  • Algorithms that put together all the data and produce the desired results, known as SERPs.


Don’t try to Outsmart Google

Don’t try to outsmart google to just for a temporary ranking that might result in your website getting blacklisted. Natural Organic Website is the only way to assure a business will not be taken down by google algorithms.

If You’re Not into Algorithms

If you’re not into algorithms leave all of that to us, for we are! We will be on top of google so you don’t have to be. You can get back to what you love to do, your business.

Call us today, so we can start helping you too!

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Mobile Phones Searching

But how to get your business information to Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Google my business is a great place to start. Build a website then optimize all the pages. That is where we come into play. Digital Max is your go to partner for all the Digital information to be created, optimized and maintained.


The Google Voice

Writing for Google Voice like you’re talking to a friend. A friend that you want to succeed. The google robots are smart and getting smarter every day.

Properly Structured Content

 The content and arrangement of your website and its content is important to Google. If not done properly Google will not know how to serve up the information to new customers.

GPS=Global Positioning System

The benefits of GPS search outweigh the negatives that use to freak us out. Like you’re on vacation, consequently you need a Dr. or hospital. Google voice search will help with the name, address, phone and map from your location. Will also show you where the nearest restaurant with the ratings on the business.

Digital Marketing Home Services

  • Contractors

  • Electricians

  • Fire Protection

  • Flooring

  • Garage Doors

  • Home Builders

  • Home Service Franchises

  • HVAC

  • Landscaping

  • Moving

  • Painting

  • Pest Control

  • Plumbing

  • Remodeling

  • Roofing

  • Solar

  • Storage

  • Doors and Windows



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Digital Max Marketing

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New Bing Tool to Help Website Users

New Bing Tool to Help Website Users

Click New Bing Tool to Help Website Users

New Bing Tool, to Help Website Users, and Developers. Bing’s new tools to help website users and website developers. Bing to discover your website faster.
With the new website URL submission tool to get Bing to crawl your content more quickly. Submit your URL directly through Bing’s Webmaster Tools UI or Webmaster Tools API. Submit up to 10,000 URLs to Bing a day.

New Bing Tool, to Help Website Users, and Developers. HTTP://

New to Bing Webmaster Sign up Here. Using brings new tools to check your website to see if it’s mobile is friendly and get help with BingBot IP’s.  
New Bing Tool to Help Website Users Content Marketing Strategy
This new updated way to submit your content to Bing is a game-changer, according to Bing Blog.
So right now is the time to update your website older pages with a content facelift. Yes, knowing how to write good content is more important now than ever.
Get better SEO results. Here is a list of things to consider when you review your content.
Fresh, engaging content to capture the targeted audience. With content that is full of ideas and answers their questions that help find a solution to their problem.
Remove any duplicate content, for this is confusing to Google and your readers. With a good website page strategy before you start your revision of pages. Do not copy any website content; your site rankings will suffer.
Avoid keyword stuffing in your content is an old way of getting rankings that is no longer helping. These pages should be deleted or rewritten.
Use an Editorial Calendar. Development of website strategy it is helpful to use an editorial calendar. At a glance, you can see the blog titles, which help to develop a monthly blog strategy or website page development.

Keep your website development on target

As your business grows. Knowing what your customer’s buyers persona or perfect target customer is and give it to them.
As your business grows, so should your website.  Local customers want to know about you and what your business has to offer.
If your needing help with content or website strategy, reach out to Digital Max Agency. So you can get back to running your business.  
SMS Language Explained

SMS Language Explained

SMS Language Explained

SMS Language explained, SMS Short Message Service, also is known as Textese for chat-speak, texting language. As mobile phones are so popular and texting is a great way to communicate. SMS has developed over time the Acronyms that are abbreviated.

SMS for Business

SMS Marketing has been proven to be a great application to getting your message opened 5X more than traditional email. SMS gives the universal capability to do business anywhere, so communication is great for customers and business owners.

Maybe because of its informal nature and the investment in your time to read and respond is easy.

SMS for Employees

Text alerts have become second nature. Notifying your employee will be late or sick is so helpful when you need a quick replacement. Also has the ability to keep your sales force in communication with your customers with answering shipping details, Make appointments, giving estimated time of arrival. A simple text alert can shift your business quickly by notifying the whole team of any changes made to the work day.

 Google Voice Marketing SMS Language Explained 

Voice assistance has come a long way to understanding SMS and reading our text. SMS is fast texting and SMS messaging in Social Media or phone texting.

Started with having to pay for data transfer and SMS to shorten the data phone bill. Textese is found not only on phones but in emails, instant messaging, text rooms, chatting with their friends, popping up in songs, tweets, posts, etc.

Textese has taken on a language of its own. Google Voice assistance to help with explanations of SMS meanings are called upon daily.

Our teens have their nose pressed up against their mobile phones all the time. So the knowledge of meanings or at least how to interpret is essential. Study them. Learn them, but never use them. Because there is nothing worse than a parent, so is trying to fit in.

SMS Language Explained

Social Media and the understanding of the most used Acronyms for little short text speak words. Like OMG and LOL. They shortened our abbreviations because they are shortened variations of a word phrase. Here are 14 examples.

  • RLY -“Really” (is missing the vowels)

  • TL;DR -“Too Long; Didn’t Read. “ (long-winded)

  • ONW -“Omit Needless Words“ Is the proper response to TL;DR

  • H/T -“Hat Tip or tip of the hat. “ Often used as HT, the meaning comes from the olden days from the 19 and 20. Hats and tilting the hat in gestor to well done, or good morning. Used for meme, expression, or image on social media.

  • LBS – “Laughing But Not Serious”

  • IMHO –“In My Humble Opinion”

  • WOC -“Woman of Color, “meaning WOC now is implied as stand up against abuses.

  • DWS -“Driving While Suspended“ or “dealing with sh!t”

  • MUA -Makeup Artist“ very popular in the celebrity world

  • SWAG -“Stuff We All Get,” meaning Free Promotional or Marketing items.

  • WYD -“What Are You Doing” for “What’s up” or if a friend is sad. What Would You Do.”

  • WTP -“What’s The Plan” or “What’s the Play” confirm what’s going on.

  • HMU -“Hit Me Up,” meaning to encourage others to reach out to you.  Text me or call me

  • FWB -“Friends With Benefits, “saying Friends that occasionally have casual sex.

So you can easily see the meaning of the shortened acronyms is essential to understand, so your message does not get miss understood when engaging in a texting conversation.

SMS Language Explained, is easy Communications

SMS Language explained, see how Textese has relaxed the user to communicate in a faster way. Some say it’s the new English. Texting is defiantly quicker than emails, but can quickly lose the reader if not understanding the meanings. Use this tool for more textese definitions.

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Jan 01, 2020

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